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Extract from the hairdressing Council website:
The Hairdressing Council continues to campaign tirelessly on behalf of the hairdressing industry for mandatory registration. This in turn would raise standards and raise the perception of our wonderful industry. Those who are not involved in the industry don’t understand what’s involved in being a hairdresser or barber and simply see it as an unregulated industry where anyone can work without training.

We are excited to say that the industry and the government are listening to what we have to say. A recent meeting at Downing Street with the Prime Minister’s advisor proved the Government are beginning to get the message. All industry organizations have pledged their support and many of the big names in the industry are also behind us. More Salons are registering all their staff and more colleges and training centres are speaking to their learners about registration than ever before.

We need more hairdressers and barbers to register and to find out the benefits of being an ‘SRH’ please visit www.haircouncil.org.uk. We hope to welcome you in the near future.

"I am a registered hairdresser because I believe that to be part of a profession requires the highest standards. Education and on-going training are fundamental to be a successful hairdresser” - Anthony Mascolo SRH

It's only the government who can bring in proper legislations to ensure the safety and professionalism of our great industry” - Warren Holmes SRH

State registration is crucial to the reputation of our industry and to each of us as individual stylists” - Errol Douglas MBE SRH

Why Register?

By joining thousands of other stylists as a State Registered Hairdresser, you will gain:

 Official recognition under the law: the Hairdressers Registration Act
 A Certificate underwritten by the law, by Act of Parliament
 The right to use the initials SRH after your name
 The right to apply for the Master Craftsman Diploma, possibly after just 2 years  (only State Registered Hairdressers can be Master Craftsmen in hairdressing)
 Credentials you will find useful - or may need - if you are wanting to practise hairdressing in Europe, America or elsewhere
 Access to free advice on the SRH dedicated phone line
 Access to possibly the cheapest insurance cover available
 Every issue of the exclusive 'Hairdresser' magazine
 The possibility of attending a reception in the House of Commons to mix with politicians, industry figures and celebrity stylists

More information

Visit the Hairdressing Council's website for more information and subscription


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