VTCT-accredited hairdressing & barbering NVQ courses in Leeds

Fast Track Hairdressing Courses

If you are wanting to take a hairdressing course and gain a hairdressing qualification in a short space of time, then we have the ultimate solution for you!

Usually, fast-track hairdressing courses are timetabled for 5 days a week, with a mandatory attendance.

At LAFHAB, for the benefit of our Clients we do things differently.

Instead of us telling you when to attend, you tell us when you wish to attend, up to 5 days a week.

Once you have completed our Induction session, you can attend 1 day a week or up to 5 (we're open for training Tuesday-Saturday).

For example, you can attend 5 days in one week, 3 days in the next and 5 days the next - it really is up to you.

The timescale for you completing your Fast Track Course is dependant on the course duration (lessons) and your attendance.  As an example, the AH20147 - Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Hairdressing takes an estimated 60 lessons, a Learner attending 5 days a week could qualify in around 12 weeks.

You will find that 'fast track' hairdressing courses offered by most providers are not accredited, meaning that any qualification you gain is not recognised by employers or insurers.  Our hairdressing courses are fully-accredited by VTCT, so qualifications achieved with us will be recognised nationally and beyond.

And you if you have at least 5 years continued experience in the industry, your course length & fee may be reduced by the implementation of our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) policy

Fast track hairdressing courses usually come at a premium, but at LAFHAB there's no extra cost over the standard course fee.

Simply browse our range of hairdressing courses, pop in for an informal chat, attend a scheduled Induction then train when you like.

Leeds Academy For Hairdressing And Barbering (LAFHAB) offers only accredited NVQ hairdressing and barbering courses